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Invest in the future 


HEMPY UA Industrial Park will be an all-encompassing manufacturing hub where a broad variety of industrial hemp products will be produced with a goal to grow the share of Ukrainian exports in the international market.


Create a unique to Europe center of modern technologies focused of industrial hemp processing and end-product manufacturing

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An industrial park specialized in development and manufacturing of industrial hemp products 


An industrial park equipped with manufacturing equipment, residents of which specialize in the production of final and intermediate industrial hemp products, research, new product development and prevision related specialized services.

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The infrastructure and technological capabilities of the park will cover the entire supply chain from seed banks to production and commercialization of final products:


• Business incubator;


• Innovative R&D center;


• Production and manufacturing;


• Warehouse and transport logistics.

  • HEMPY UA Industrial Park 

will provide Ukrainian manufacturers an opportunity to integrate the European market.

Products will be certified according to European standards.

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Potential for export

Will enable systematic cultivation and selection of new industrial hemp varieties as well as production o an entire range of different types of products from industrial hemp.

The first in Europe (and even in the world) HEMPY UA Industrial Park will bring together on one territory production of a variety of products and enable their export to the world markets. This is a colossal untapped segment of Ukraine's economy that will:

  • Save enterprise production capacities and equipment on the East from possible destruction;

  • Provide employment for enterprise employees from the East on new territories

  • develop new products;

  • attract new technologies;

  • create new jobs;

  • enable enterprise efficiency on a new territory;

  • create European market integration opportunities for Ukrainian manufacturers in European markets.


HEMPY UA will provide access and expertise necessary to use new technologies that will allow you to extract all the benefits that technical hemp can provide, and to certify products according to European standards.

The implementation of the HEMPY UA Industrial Park project will allow to

  • HEMPY UA Industrial Park is registered in the State Register of Industrial Parks of Ukraine

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M-10 international highway  passes through the park

Location – 

City of Rivne

Population of the region – 

1,15 million people

Residents of the park have

legal preferences

provided under the Ukrainian Legislation governing Industrial Parks – "On Industrial Parks"

Working population of the region – 451.000 people

Population of the city of Rivne – 

243.000 people

Average salary 

 in the region – 

$ 288

  • HEMPY UA industrial park location

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  • Effective energy technologies and engineering solutions will ensure efficiency and infrastructure independence:

Technical parameters of the park


plot area

42,9 hectares


electric power

16 MW/h


water pressure

more than 3 atmospheres


Research & Development center

The great advantage of HEMPY UA Industrial Park will be its own scientific research center, which combines the experience of global partners with the scientific potential of experts of the Ukrainian Institute of Hemp Breeding.

The latest developments and technologies provided by HEMPY UA will enable enterprises to experiment with industrial hemp and to certify products according to European standards.

Development and selection of new varieties of industrial hemp




Our project offers to invest money in the only industrial park in the world, where the full cycle and all processes from the development and selection to the cultivation and processing of any technical varieties of hemp to obtain such products as seeds, fiber, cellulose, plastic, hemp briquettes, pellets, etc.

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